Brawl breaks out on cruise boat in Norwalk

NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH)–Where the water meets the land at Veteran’s Park in Norwalk all was quiet Monday afternoon, a far cry than the scene that nearly all those on duty with that city’s police department witnessed earlier in the week when a boat called the Island Belle stopped there to drop off passengers.

Police said that a fight broke out as passengers disembarked.

The Norwalk publication The Hour reported it was apparently all part of an event called “Rock Da Boat,” put on by an organization that calls themselves “Buddah Global Empire.”

The event’s Facebook page listed the Hartford radio station “Hot” 93.7 as a sponsor, but a spokesman there denied any involvement in the event.

There have been no arrests yet made at this time.

Authorities told News 8 they aren’t sure how or why the fight broke out.

Police believe that of the 200 guests on the boat, only a few were involved in the incident.

“There were multiple skirmishes after people disembarked the boat , so we needed multiple units there to contain the situation,” said Sargeant Terry Blake of the Norwalk police department. “As far as prior incidents , we haven’t had any similar to this as I can recall,”

Police said the injuries sustained as a result of the fight were limited to “bumps and bruises.”

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