Bottle deposit law expansion halted

State's budget rejected expansion of the bottle deposit law.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)–After months of discussion over expanding the state’s bottle deposit law, lawmakers couldn’t agree to the terms.

The way the law is now is every time you bring an empty carbonated beverage bottle to one of the deposit recycling locations you get 5 cents back for each bottle. But some lawmakers want to expand that law to include water, sports drinks and juice bottles too.

Massachusetts lawmakers have approved a $36.5 billion state budget. However, the budget rejected the expansion of the state’s bottle deposit law to include other beverages.

Some people 22News talked to about the issue, said that 5 cent return is motivation to recycle those plastic bottles.  While others argue cash return or not they recycle to help keep the environment clean and healthy.

“I think people find incentive in different ways, I mean, I recycle, it doesn’t mean that’s the best bet for somebody else. So if they’re going to get a few dollars back for recycling a couple hundred bottles of plastic then I think that would benefit some people,” Brendan Hogan, from Suffield, said.

If the expansion were to happen, you would be charged an extra 5 cents for each sports drink, bottled water, or juice bottle you buy.

Because no agreement has been made to expand the bottle law, it will likely be seen in this November’s election as a ballot question.

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