Study: Cell phone more important than toothbrush

People would sacrifice comfort, personal hygiene to keep phones

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You would like to think that the people around you make personal hygiene a priority in their daily lives, but there’s something else that’s climbing to the top of the list.

According to a new survey from Bank of America, people will let go of a lot before they’ll give up their smartphones. In fact, nearly half of us say we couldn’t go one day without these devices.

About 90% of those surveyed said their phone ranks as high as their deodorant, and for Millennials, it ranks way above their toothbrush.

Alessandra Smith of East Longmeadow told 22News that she’s still very much committed to taking care of herself, but she can see how the phone starts to take over some people’s lives.

“Googling, texting, looking up stuff on the Internet, making conference calls; anything I can possibly do, at my fingertips,” Smith said.

The Bank of America survey also showed if our phones were lost, we’d even sacrifice vices, like alcohol and chocolate, to get it back.

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