Shopper chases man filming up women’s skirts out of West Farms Mall

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Police said a man used a camera to videotape up women’s skirts at the West Farms Mall in West Hartford.

Police said it happened during peak shopping hours. Husein Ahmetovic was allegedly using a digital video camera to shoot up girls’ skirts while pretending to be shopping.

According to police, an alert shopper noticed Ahmetovic with a camera on the ground behind a woman, and that is when she took matters into her own hands.

“He took off running and she chased him through the mall, out of the mall, down the hill, across New Britian Avenue all the way to Sears, that’s a good cross country run,” said Lieutenant Stephen Estes.

All the while, the woman was on her cell phone, calling police.

“She is also screaming to all of the passerby [people] to call the police,” Estes said. “So we got her call and we already have officers rolling.”

Police seized the camera, a battery, and a video card with more than 60 clips and 30 different victims, all within a six hour time period. Ahmetovic has been charged with 30 voyeurism felonies.

“The fact that she chased him and she was not going to be a victim,” said mall-goer Diane Wilson, “She was like, no, this ends now! I give her a lot of credit.”

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