Hobby Lobby decision expected

Activists and the attorney for Hobby Lobby are expected to speak outside of the Supreme Court

(NBC News) The United States Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision today in a case that asked if a company has the same religious freedoms as individuals.

Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood – both owned by religious groups – argue the Affordable Care Act shouldn’t force them to provide free contraceptives like plan b that can terminate a pregnancy. “It’s their religious belief that that is ending a life, then the state doesn’t get to second-guess that,” said Chief Counsel, Judicial Crisis Network, Carrie Severino.

The question for the Court is what to do about employees – women – whose beliefs are different. “The owner has a right to his or her religious beliefs, but that doesn’t mean you get to discriminate against women if a woman have different beliefs than what the owner has,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, (D) California.

The government can fine companies with more than 50 employees that violate the health law, but Conestoga says it faces $35 million dollars a year – Hobby Lobby faces $475 million.

There are exceptions for churches and non-profits.

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