Former Springfield cop Jeffrey Asher is seeking a new trial

Asher seeks new trial

Former Springfield Police Officer Jeffrey Asher (pictured at center) is seen here in court during his 2012 assault trial.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Justices will hear oral arguments likely before the end of the year, which could lead to Jeffrey Asher getting a new trial.  Asher, a former Springfield police officer, was convicted of assault after beating Melvin Jones with a flashlight while on patrol in 2009; the incident was caught on tape.

Asher’s attorney’s have filed briefs on his behalf to appeal his conviction saying that the judge in his original trial instructed the jury on self-defense law, but not police privilege or a police officer’s legitimate use of force which they believe could have played a role in his eventual verdict.

The Supreme Judicial Court is asking for amicus briefs, which are usually filed by organizations on the behalf of Asher or Jones. Asher served one year in prison.  The SJC decided to hear this case before it reached the appeals court.  Asher is hoping his conviction is overturned and he is given a new trial, which if approved by the Justices likely wouldn’t happen until sometime in 2015.

Click here to read the brief filed by Asher’s attorney.

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