Annual emergency preparations for Ham radio operators

When cellphone towers go down, Ham radio operators are back up communications

Agawam, Mass. (WWLP) – The Digital age may have revolutionized communications. However, when the computers break down, we still turn to the Ham radio operator to get through.

To be sure they are ready and alert for the next emergency, Hampden County’s Ham radio operators held an annual emergency preparedness at School Street Park in Agawam. This is a nationwide event that the amateur radio community holds to make sure their equipment is ready for emergencies. These radio operators have been called on before when the going got tough.

“When we have our very bad storms, like when the tornado came through downtown Springfield, the big snowstorm in 2011, and we also had the ice storms up in the hills towns. When the cellphone towers go down they use us for back up communications.,” said Edward Lacombe, a Ham radio operator.

Al Grimaldi, a Ham radio operator, told 22News, “This is why we practice, setting up for emergencies. You can see everything and amateur radio operators can set in hours.”

Since no one can be certain when they’ll be challenged by the next emergency, these Ham radio operators spent 24 hours round the clock to make sure they’re ready for whatever happens.

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