Pregnant nurse among 20 arrested in drug bust

(CNN) – One by one, family and friends of the accused walked by the camera in the courthouse, without wanting to comment.

“No comment. We’re good.”

Twenty people were indicted Friday in connection with an alleged cocaine trafficking ring. Prosecutors say this drug ring is based in California, and the defendants would drive to both California and Florida to pick up large amounts of cocaine and bring it back to the island.

A number of these defendants are from here in the Copiague/Lindenhurst area. And in court, prosecutors said they have about 3 months of wiretaps and video that they say proves some of these defendants were in communication with each other.

The accused include Maria Rodriguez, a 7 and 1/2 month pregnant nurse; Jesus Sime, the owner of the Figueroa’s Deli on Sunrise Highway in Copiague; and Michael Rosati, a contractor and Copiague little league coach for 15 years. Rosati’s wife had nothing to say.

“Do you want to say anything on behalf of your husband?”

“No, thank you.”

Prosecutors say during this bust, they seized cash, coke and guns; including from the Copiague home of Juan Santana, whom they call a “major trafficker”. George Duncan is Santana’s attorney.

“My client absolutely maintains his innocence, he’s been a good family man, he works a job, he absolutely denies the charges and the allegations.”

“He’s got a son, he lives with his fiance and his mother; he’s a good guy.”

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