Preteen invents gadget to prevent hot car deaths

Device was made in a youth inventors contest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Just a few days after a judge sent a Smyrna mom to jail for leaving her two kids in a hot car, a little boy’s website is going viral.

It’s a problem that keeps happening. Kids forgotten in the back seats of hot cars. Now a twelve-year-old’s invention that we first saw last year is starting to get serious attention.

Andrew Schuler’s isn’t winning awards for his trombone playing, but he did win one for inventing what calls the E-Z Baby Saver. “You loop it over and as your getting in you attach it to the car handle,” said Schuler.

Made from rubber bands and bright colored duct tape, designed to keep parents from accidentally leaving their children in hot cars.

“You take the E-Z Baby Saver and as your getting in your car seat you attach it to the door handle so when you’re getting out of the car you see ‘oh you know this bright flashing rubber band’ you’re like ‘oh you know my child is still in the car,’” said Schuler.

It’s simple, yet genius and people love it thousands of hits and shares on Facebook. Thousands of other visits to his website.

“It was something crazy like 26,000 and there were people from all over the world people from Germany, Australia, even people in Japan looking at it,” said Schuler.

Andrew made it for a youth inventors contest. He won 500 dollars. “This was like the third concept I had. The first one was something having a flag that popped up, and the second concept was about tying something to the child, which was not a very good idea,” said Schuler.

Andrew isn’t in it for the fortune or fame. “I don’t really care about having the publicity.” In fact, he put directions on his website so others can make their own.

“I encourage people maybe if you don’t want to make one and you don’t think the idea is very good, then don’t make one, but at least try to be a bit more careful when putting your kids in the car. If you know that your day is going to be out of whack, if your taking your kid to a birthday party or something, then you might want to be a bit more careful,” said Schuler.

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