“Operation Dry Water” in the Northeast

U.S. Coast Guard to implement June 27-29

BOSTON (USCG.mil) – The 1st Coast Guard District is scheduled to start Operation Dry Water from June 27-29th in the Northeast.

The operation is intended to reduce the number of alcohol related accidents, injuries and deaths among recreational boaters.

A collaborative effort with local and state partners will focus on boating under the influence.

Last year in the 1st District area of responsibility, which covers an area from the Canadian border to Northern New Jersey, boating under the influence was a contributing factor in 29 recreational boating accidents, resulting in nine fatalities and 31 injuries.

Enforcement of this operation is to coincide with normal law enforcement and will not result in blockades or “checkpoints.”

“In 2013, alcohol use was a contributing factor in 21% of recreational boater deaths in the 1st Coast Guard District,” said Walt Taylor, a boating safety specialist at the 1st Coast Guard District in Boston, Massachusetts. “Alcohol use can impair a boater’s judgment, balance, vision and reaction time. Combine alcohol and the environmental stressors associated with boating such as wind, sun, vibration, noise, and motion of the boat can cause fatigue, dehydration and may unknowingly intensify the affects of alcohol on boaters. Boat Responsibly: boat sober, and always wear your life jacket.”

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