Myths About Dogs Dispelled!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Do dogs like to be hugged? Can they feel loved? Do they see in black and white? There are many myths surrounding dogs, but which ones are true? Jim Helems, Owner of Jim Helems Dog Pals dispelled common myths about dogs!

Myths About Dogs Dispelled
1. Do dogs feel love? Yes
2. Can you eat in front of your dog? Yes
3. A tail wag always means a happy dog. False
4. Never give people food to your dog. False
5. Dogs eat grass only when they are sick. False
6. Letting your dog go outside alone in the yard is enough exercise. False
7. Using food to train a dog results in an overweight dog. Maybe
8. All dogs like to be petted on their head. Probably not.
9. Dogs see in black and white. False
10. You should never play tug of war with your dog. False
11. Your dogs age 7 years to every human year. False
12. You must be the pack leader in your home. False
13. Dogs like to be hugged. False

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