Mom unlocks breathalyzer and drives drunk with kids

LEDYARD, Conn (WTNH) — A Mashantucket mother is accused of driving drunk with her two kids in the car. Police say it wasn’t the first time 29-year-old Elizabeth Whipple was caught behind the wheel under the influence.

She already has a Breathalyzer installed on her steering wheel that she somehow managed to unlock. She crashed into another car Tuesday night around 10:30 on Route 117 in Ledyard.

“How awful that is that she had her kids in the car while she was driving drunk,” said Debbie Hobert.

Debbie Hobert was driving along route 117 with her husband Tuesday night when she says Elizabeth Whipple’s eradicate, and later determined to be drunk driving, left both their vehicles crashed, bashed, and a mess.

“I think that was probably the issue because she didn’t seem to even be responding as if they even knew we were there,” said Hobert.

Police say Whipple was driving drunk, but had a device on her car that should have prevented that from happening. But they say somehow Whipple get around the device and behind the wheel anyway.

“It was very upsetting especially when we saw that she had kids in the car,” said Hobert.

“It’s kind of scary when you see the two, I mean little probably one and two years old, and she was holding both of them in her arms,” said Stewart Uschmann, a witness.

Hobert says she was in a rental because the day before this accident her daughter totaled her car, so she’s seen two accidents in two days.

“Basically you don’t know what’s going to happen in the blink of an eye so it makes you glad to know that you have another days,” said Hobert.

Debbie Hobert  has bruises from the impact and says she aches all over.

News 8 was unable to reach Elizabeth Whipple Wednesday but did look into her past and learned she’s been arrested before for DUI back In 2011. Authorities say she’s out on bond and some are hoping she’ll stay off the road.

For this incident, Whipple was charged with operating under the influence, failure to drive right, avoidance of or tampering with ignition interlock device, and risk of injury to a minor.

She was released on $10,000 bond with a court date of July 10, 2014.

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