Giant fiberglass burger stolen from restaurant

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (WTNH)– Some thieves in Plainville apparently decided they were too busy to place a take out order and took a double cheeseburger for themselves. The giant double-decker fiberglass burger was stolen from outside Big Steve’s Grill on Whiting Street.

At Big Steve’s Grill in Plainville, the focal point of the restaurant has gone missing.

You can get a cheeseburger at pretty much any restaurant with a grill. What’s a little harder to come by is a Steve Andrikis.

“Everything here is homemade,” said Steve Andrikis. A man who serves all his food from behind the counter with a grin that stays with you long after you’ve finished your meal. And as his customers will tell you he’s the last guy in the world you’d want anything bad to happen to.

“Nice guy, great guy,” said a customer.

But Sunday, Steve received some bad news, he was the victim of a crime. “I got a phone call, I got a message on my machine,” said Andrikis. Someone had stolen his giant cheeseburger statue.

“Probably kids with a prank, I don’t know,” said Andrikis.

A fixture that’s stood outside his eatery ever since he first opened up shop.

“I thought it would be a great thing to put out by the street,” he said. It’s made of fiberglass and stands about 6 feet tall by about three feet wide.

“They definitely bring people in,” said Andrikis. Just a marketing gimmick to some but to Steve it’s so much more. He said, “little kids take pictures by the cheeseburger… little icon.”

When someone has something taken from them they may experience highs and lows. But for Steve, he just keeps smiling through it all, holding out hope someone will come forward and do the right thing

“If the people that took it just return it, we won’t press charges, we just want it back that’s all,” said Andrikis.

Steve is still trying to get his cheeseburger back.

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