Flooding problems for Greenfield roadways, homes

Greenfield area got month's worth of rain in six hours

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Washed out roads, swollen rivers, and flooded basements: the heavy rainstorm and flash flooding late Wednesday night in western Massachusetts brought up memories of past storms.

“Bad: not like Irene, but bad. It was a small sister of Irene,” said Wes, a resident of Arch Street in Greenfield.

The storm caused concern for residents that live at the Greenfield Gardens Apartments by the Green River.

“We always worry because like the last one it was 18 apartments that had to leave and were gone for six months,” said Andrea Goldman, who lives at Greenfield Gardens, “So yeah, we worry.”

For some perspective on Wednesday night’s rain: we normally receive about 3.5 inches of rain per month. On Wednesday, more than a month of rainfall fell in just six hours; with some spots in Franklin County getting four inches of rain; causing debris to build up and rivers to swell.

Nash’s Mill Road and Arch Street were among several roadways closed due to flooding; causing trouble for commuters.

Greenfield firefighters had to help the drivers of two cars that stalled out while trying to go through water.  They were also sent to several homes, and apartment buildings for the report of flooding. Heidi Garfinkel dealt with the flooding on her own.

“The rain was intense, and we came outside to watch the pouring rain and saw water gushing out of the pipe- our sump pipe, and so we ran inside and grabbed the hose so it would gush further out of the house rather than downstairs as it had started to do,” Garfinkel said,

While many residents would agree it isn’t the worst they have seen, they aren’t hoping to see this sort of rain storm again for a long time.

“I don’t want to see another one for another hundred years,” Wes said.

Click here for a listing of rainfall totals from around western Massachusetts.

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