Veteran listed as ‘dead’ loses benefits

Has lost nearly 3,000 dollars in benefits

NEW YORK (CNN) – A Vietnam vet says he hasn’t been receiving his benefits because the VA has him listed as “deceased.”

Morris Scott Sr. says if this news report doesn’t show the government he is alive, he doesn’t know what will, “When you walk in and tell them I am not dead it has to be a no brainer right?

Since he stopped receiving his 700 dollar benefits check in March Scott has struggled to pay the bills.

“I am a pretty strong person but I have been getting hit from all sides,” said Scott.

The Vietnam veteran has lost nearly 3,000 dollars in benefits.

He showed us the letters the regional office in Atlanta sent to the national office have his benefits re-instated.

Both clearly state Scott is not deceased, but it was his wife that died.

Scott provided the VA with his updated veteran’s card and his wife’s death certificate, months later he’s still listed as dead.

“You have to physically go into the computer system pull that persons file up and physically change the data,” Scott said.  “Why would you change the data in the system make a person dead?”

Scott says other veterans across the country have had similar problems.

Now, he wants the government to investigate because he doesn’t think his case is an accident.

“Maybe somebody has figured out a way to steal money that is the only reason you do certain things that is not a computer glitch,” Scott continued.

After what he experienced in Vietnam Scott says he and other veterans deserve to have a system that works for them, not against them, and is cautiously optimistic the government will fix the problems.

“My hope is that the government get back to where they need to be take care of the vets that come back home,” said Scott.

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