Plane on the highway

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WTLV) A retired man, passionate about pursuing his lifelong dream of flying, lost his plane along the side of Florida’s I-10 Wednesday morning.

Tom Zollinger purchased a small plane from a man in Satellite Beach back in October. He said his dream has always been to own an experimental aircraft. On Tuesday, he made the long trek down to Florida from Kentucky to retrieve his treasure.

The aircraft was securely tightened to his trailer, or so he thought.

On his way back to Kentucky, Zollinger realized his plane was no longer on the trailer. He didn’t realize the plane was missing until he got to Baker County, roughly 15 miles from where the plane unhooked. The plane and trailer ended up in the median of I-10 on Jacksonville’s Westside.

He called the Florida Highway Patrol and said he was terrified someone ran over the small aircraft.

FHP said a driver called them early Wednesday morning and notified them where the plane was.

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