Join the Wake-Up Movement to stop violence in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Stop the Violence! The mission of the WAKE UP movement is to spread peace & love, and to encourage and support our youth in the city of Springfield that “do the right thing”, as well as encourage others to learn to love each other and stop violence. Kyreem Tabar joined us to share more about this movement.


Please join the wake-up movement to Stop the Violence in the city of Springfield!

Saturday, June 28th
1:00 – 6:00 PM
Adam Park
Wilbraham Road, Springfield

The mission of the WAKE UP movement is to spread peace, love and unity throughout the world utilizing music.

As a Community member in the city of Springfield it is our Job to Wake-up the minds and hearts of our youth, so that we can live in a community that expresses the goodness.

“We believe that peace, love and unity are the keys to unlocking and breaking through unseen barriers. We will continue to fight the good saving souls along the way shaming the devil, giving him no glory. All praise to God who is the head of our lives. We are all here for a special purpose”– Kyreem Tabar.

Please join us for the First Wake-up Springfield Event dedicated to our Springfield Children.

We will have Speakers, Poets, and fun activities for children of all ages!!!
We ask all community members to come with a positive attitude to have a safe and enjoyable time getting to know your community members and leaders.

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