Springfield residents are tired of seeing vacant homes

Many protested against the eviction of an Edgemont St. resident

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – More than a hundred local western Mass. residents staged a “Block Takeover” in Springfield Tuesday night to push for more affordable housing.

Residents on Edgemont Street were marching and linking arms, surrounding a home where a Springfield resident is being evicted.

Protestors told 22News they’re tired of seeing vacant homes every direction they turn. Jeffrey Solivan of Springfied said, “We want the banks to stop taking our homes and to negotiate with us. We want our state reps, we want our senators, we want anyone who has some authority to change and stop all these evictions.”

Protestors say they were there to stop sheriffs from evicting homeowners on Edgemont Street. They told 22News the federal government needs to step in, and start helping residents in need, not kick them to the curb.

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