Two years in the wild

PLACER COUNTY, Fla. (KCRA) After a year and a half lost in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Murphy the golden retriever has returned home.

On October 6, 2012, Nathan Braun and his son Matthew were camping near Hell Hole Reservoir.

Braun said he thinks a gunshot may have spooked Murphy and sent her running into the woods.

“We just started calling and calling and calling,” he said. “And I couldn’t sleep at all that night.”

Braun spent two more days searching before reluctantly packing up.

“It was the worst drive home,” he said.

Soon, the Brauns made missing posters and returned week after week to the Tahoe National Forest to post them and search for Murphy.

Nathan and Erin Braun would jump into the car with their three kids to chase down dozens of reported sightings, all of them false.

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