Picking your data plan

(NBC News) There’s a new batch of data plans being rolled out by some of the country’s biggest carriers.

It’s getting harder to figure out just which plan’s right for you and how much is enough to keep you from paying those pesky overage fees.

Consumer experts generally agree the average consumer can probably get away with a one gigabyte monthly data plan for a single device.

“A gigabyte will give you a fair amount of room as long as you don’t download a lot of video, or really any video,” says CNET.com’s Lindsey Turrentine.

If you are using the device for video calls, streaming media or big file uploads you’ll probably need two to three gigs per month.

Turrentine says a sure-fire way to avoid overage fees is to do all those data-gobbling things only when there’s WiFi around, and change your settings to avoid automatic pre-roll ads on videos.

“You can go into the settings and you can go into the cellular tab and actually go through each one of your apps and say ‘I want this to use mobile data’ or not” Turrentine explains.

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