New weight app causing controversy

"Skinnee Pix" is designed to help you alter your images

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been said the camera adds 15 pounds. So what if there was an app to fix that.

Now technology makes it easier than ever to change your image, to make you look thinner, adjust your eyes and even your skin.

The new app “Skinnee Pix” is designed to help you alter your images for inspiration, but it’s stirring up a lot of controversy among parents.

Cheri Cluff of Florence told 22News, “For young women it creates a sense that they’re not good enough as they are and for young boys it’s creating an idea that there is some kind of ideal that they should be pursuing and that women are objects.”

The app claims if you’re trying to lose wait, it can help you visualize your future self and better achieve your goals.

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