Easter prank leads to criminal charges

Suspects accused of putting rabbit heads in mailboxes

A 22News follow-up. The two men accused of putting severed rabbit heads in mailboxes on Easter have been arraigned on several charges.

The Westfield District Court Clerk’s office told 22News 24 year old Christopher McHugh of Springfield and 26 year old Joshua Balise of Chicopee are each facing 10 counts of disorderly conduct, vandalism and defacing property. They were arraigned in Westfield on Friday and are due back in court for a pre-trial conference on August 12th.

In April, Westfield Police Sgt. Steve Dickinson said the suspects delivered newspapers and their routes take them through Southwick, Granville and Westfield. Some time between April 14th and April 16th, they found five dead rabbits along their route.

Dickinson says that the two suspects took the rabbits home, cut off the heads, and placed them in the mailboxes. He said the suspects thought “it would be funny to leave the heads in mailboxes on Easter Morning.“  Dickinson said both admitted to leaving the heads in the mailboxes and said that the houses were picked randomly.

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