Driving slower on the highway can help conserve money spent on gas

Every 5 mph over 50 mph is like wasting 24 cents a gallon

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – We can’t do much about the rising price of gas, but by driving just a little slower on the highway, you could save a lot of quarters. Over time, that really adds up.

We’re a busy society. By the time we get on the highway in the morning, we just want to get to our destination as fast as possible, but that could be costing you at the pumps.

“Idealistically, I drive slower, but the reality of life is often I’m late for meetings and I drive there as quick as I can in the shortest amount of time as possible,” said Rich Horton of Northampton.

According to a government study, on average, the ideal driving speed is 50 miles per hour. Every five miles per hour over that could cost you 24 cents a gallon on gas. That’s enough to make some people slow down.

“I’d rather drive slower so that I conserve my gas on the highway or any other way because when you don’t waste gas quicker rather than when you go quicker, you waste more gas,” Aubrey Arroyo of Northampton told 22News.

At 65 miles per hour on Interstate-91, we were wasting 72 cents. Drivers were wasting much more gas money than us as they whizzed by our car.

Some drivers said since we spend so much on gas already, they didn’t thinking saving 24 cents a gallon by driving slower would be enough to change driving habits.

“Even though we will find the gas station where the tank of gas is 24 cents a gallon less, we won’t change our driving habits,” said James Stillwaggon of Northampton.

The study found drivers who used “driver feedback devices” to track their driving habits conserved more gas, too. We’ve provided a link to this study here.

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