2014 Makeup Trends

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – 2014 Makeup Trends: What’s hot this year & how can you make it wearable & flattering? Makeup Artist Liz Washer joined us to share how you can be trendy this season!

Trend #1: Gilded lids

Gold is an amazing eyeshadow color because it’s so versatile – it contrasts beautifully against blue and green eyes, making them pop, and it brings out the flecks of gold in brown and hazel eyes, so anyone can wear it! I like a shimmery shadow that glimmers invitingly but doesn’t have big chunks of glitter in it. Gold blends amazingly with olive, tan, and deep skintones, and if you’re fair and want a subtler effect, look for shades that lean less yellow, more champagne. Limit shimmery shadows to the lid and inner corner of the eye (matte shades are generally better for sculpting the outer corner and crease), and apply wet for extra impact!

Trend #2: Berry-stained cheeks & lips

Blush doesn’t always have to be pepto pink! A creamy berry stain on the cheeks is so fresh looking, and it mimics a natural flush. Pat onto the apples of your cheeks with your fingers or a duo-fiber brush, and blend softly along the cheekbone. Bonus points: use the same color on your lips and cheeks for a modern twist!

Trend #3: Orange lips

I’m finishing with the boldest of the trends! This color popped up all over the runways and can absolutely be made wearable – even if you don’t feel comfortable in a bright “traffic cone” shade, the warmth and juiciness of orange truly flatters a lot of skin tones, so it’s worth experimenting. If you have fair skin, start with peachy-coral tones, while darker and warmer skintones will look amazing in richer or brighter shades.

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