Should fireworks ads be banned in Mass.?

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – As we get closer to the 4th of July, people are getting more excited about fireworks displays put on by cities and towns. But buying your own is illegal.

Drive along I-91 in Springfield and you see an electronic sign by the DOT reminding us that fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts. But drive a little more and you’ll notice the highway billboard that advertises their sale.

Many of these stores are located on the border of New Hampshire, where it’s easy for Massachusetts resident to buy them, and bring them back. It’s not illegal for these companies to advertise. But should it be?

People gave 22News their opinion.

Irene Zorin of East Longmeadow said, “You think that there would already be a law in place for that, because to me it sounds like they are either trying to trap people or lure them to be bad and dishonest and do something illegal.”

Barbara Guarnera of West Springfield said, “I don’t think it’s a matter of being illegal, but I think it is a matter of deliberately encouraging people in Massachusetts to break a law that they voted for.”

A bill was filed several years ago that aimed give cities and towns the power to choose for themselves if they want to legalize fireworks, but the bill has been stalled in Boston.

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