Fans take in USA-Portugal at Ludlow’s Lusitano Club

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a game that had special meaning for the people at the Lusitano Club in Ludlow.

They have Portuguese roots, but live in the Unites States, so watching the rivalry was bittersweet. The came by the dozens to sit around the bar and cheer on their team, which in some cases, was both. But that made it a win-win situation for many of these fans.

“Even though I’m Portuguese and I love Portugal I was born here,” said Jon Pio of Ludlow. “I gotta root for the country I was born in.”

Kristen Hale of Ludlow said, “I’m actually going for Italy, but today, Portugal.”

The Lusitano Club was founded in 1922 and aimed at bringing the Portuguese community together.

Lusitano Stadium in Ludlow hosts soccer games for semi-pro and junior premier teams.

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