Western Mass welcomes summer

From now until late December the days will gradually get shorter and the nights will get longer


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The early summer sun beamed down on western Massachusetts on Saturday.

With temperatures not uncomfortably hot, it made for the perfect weather to get outside.

“Now’s the time to get out. Right at the beginning of summer is beautiful. Everything’s green, there’s lots of things to do.”

The later summer months of July and August can be known for their humidity.

That’s why many people told 22news it’s the early part of summer that they prefer.

“August dog days, too much humidity. Yes. This is the best part.”

“Beautiful day, that’s why I’m out here walking, going with the dog, enjoying the scenery it’s a beautiful day.”

With the beginning of summer officially at 6:51 Saturday morning, from now until late December the days will gradually get shorter and the nights will get longer.

As some would say, Saturday is the longest day of the year.

“Late spring into much of summer is our typical severe weather season for western Massachusetts. So far it’s gotten off to a quiet start, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way.”

At our local national weather service office in Taunton, meteorologists there who issue the warnings have noticed they haven’t issued as many so far this year.

“It’s been a very quiet season. Usually by mid to late June we’ve issued a number of warnings, had a number of severe weather events, but really it’s only been a handful.”

“We’ve had a lot of cooler than average temperatures over us or near average and really a lot of the jet stream energy which helps trigger the storm outbreaks has been to our west.”

With storms far from the focus this weekend, many people will just hope for more weather like this.

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