President Obama sending 300 advisers back to Iraq

Three hundred US military advisers will return to Iraq, to assist their military in the fight against the rising insurgency of ISIS militants.

In this Tuesday, June 17, 2014 image taken from video obtained from British Broadcaster Sky, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, Kurdish pehsmerga forces leave a vehicle, near Jalula, Iraq. Kurdish security forces are engaged in gun battles with Sunni militants in the northern Iraqi town of Jalula, according to British Broadcaster Sky. Footage showed Kurdish fighters known as peshmerga using heavy artillery and rockets to attack militant positions on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Sky via AP video)

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – President Obama insists the military advisers he’s sending to Iraq is not a sign of more U-S involvement to come. 22News looked into who these advisers are, and the role they’ll play in the fight against militants.

Three hundred U-S military advisers will return to Iraq, to assist their military in the fight against the rising insurgency of ISIS militants. From the Syrian border, the radical Sunni group has already taken northern Iraqi cities; now they’re fighting for the country’s largest oil refinery and threatening to attack the capital.

American troops aren’t being sent back to Iraq; these advisors are highly trained members of the military, like Navy SEALS and Army Rangers. They’ll point out targets for the Iraqi military, but there is still a possibility of US air strikes on the table.

The President has been criticized for not leaving some American troops behind, to keep terrorists from invading Iraq. Now some Americans wonder what impact these 300 advisers will have.

“It’s a real difficult situation and it brings in mind whether we should have been there in the first place, which I was for at the time. I’m really questioning whether or not Hussein kept a balance between all the warring factions,” said Gregory Szyluk from Longmeadow.

Others wonder if the role of the U-S around the world is too heavy handed.

“When you look at some of the hot spots around the globe, a lot of it is due to intrusion by outside forces. And we have to take part of the blame for that,” said Vincent Russo from Longmeadow.

Another player stepping in to help: Iran. An elite military unit of Iranian advisers is already in Iraq giving their advice on fighting and the future of the country.

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