High School shooter got gun from brother

Jared Padgett shot and killed another student at Reynolds High School

OREGON (KGW) – On June 10, Emilio Hoffman, 14, was shot and killed and Todd Rispler, a PE teacher, was wounded when Jared Padgett, 15, brought an AR-15 rifle to Reynolds High School and opened fire.

Padgett was confronted by school resource officers, retreated and then shot himself, police said.

On the day of the incident, Lucas Padgett said he went to the Wood Village Fred Meyer parking lot to wait for his brother after the school evacuation order. When Jared did not show up, Lucas returned home and found his rifle missing, according to the warrant.

Police seized a shotgun, rifle, ammo and a sword from the house. Lucas said he kept gun lock boxes, extra magazines and ammunition at the home, according to the search warrant.

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