Does your boss deserve an “A” or an “F”?

Few give their bosses a failing grade, study shows

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – What grade would you give your boss? A new study is shedding light on just what Americans think of the people that employ them.

The CareerBuilder survey asked people to grade their boss with a letter. Twenty-four percent gave their boss an “A,” while only 5% gave an “F.”

The survey also gives insight into why. It found that workers who interacted with their boss more frequently were more likely to give them a better score.

Bosses that embraced frequent and open communication also got better scores.

A contributing factor to bad grades: bosses who asked employees to do tasks outside of their job description.

People told 22News how they would grade their boss.

“I would give my supervisor an A+,” Brittany Foisy Tyler of Conway said. “She has a whole wealth of knowledge about the department and what our roles and responsibilities are, and I truly look up to her like a mentor.”

“I think the thing that makes a boss the best is respect, communication, and also a sense of thanks,” Amy Ford of Northampton said.

Among the uncomfortable things bosses asked their employees to do: fire a colleague and then drive them home, and climb on roof to see if there were any dead birds. More than 1 in 5 workers said their boss has asked them to do something unrelated to their job.

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