The FDA wants less sodium in restaraunt foods

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — The Food and Drug administration is working out new recommendations to lower the sodium levels restaurants and food companies put into their food.

Health experts at Baystate medical told 22News about 70 percent of the sodium we take in is from processed foods not from the extra salt we add to our food out of the salt shaker.

When is comes to eating out, the US Agricultural Department found more than 20 percent of the sodium Americans take in is found in burgers and sandwiches.

“Too much sodium will increase our risk for heart disease and stroke, because it increases out blood pressure, our hypertension. For those who are at risk we want to really reduce our sodium intake,” Baystate Medical Center Registered Dietitian, Allison Clark, said.

The FDA says Americans eat about one and a half teaspoons of salt daily which is about a third more than what’s recommended.

The FDA also says a lot of food companies use the added salt for not only flavor but to extend it’s shelf life as the salt reduces bacteria growth.

Clark advises if flavor is an issue, try using vinegar or lemon juice, or add seasoning mixtures to your food.

There is no timeline on exactly when the FDA will have their recommendations finalized.

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