How are issues in Iraq affecting gas prices in western Mass?

The average for a gallon of gas in our area is $3.67

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Violence in Iraq is contributing to higher gas prices. 22News is working for you after making stops at several area gas stations.

According to, the average for a gallon of gas in our area is $3.67. That’s the same as the national average.

It’s still possible to find service stations charging a little less, but prices nationally are trending higher.

The good news is that experts don’t think gas will go above $4 a gallon like they did six years ago. They say ongoing conflict in Iraq is pushing prices higher.

One driver, Tim Bowman of Leverett, told 22News, “It changed my mind from buying a van, to a more fuel efficient 4-cylinder car instead of a 6-cylinder. It’s made me think more about using alternate forms of transportation like biking or walking.”

The state with the lowest average gas price is South Carolina at $3.38 a gallon.

To find out where you can buy gas for less than the average price, visit the 22News Pump Price Patrol.

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