Harley-Davidson unveils its 1st electric motorcycle

(CNN) – Famed motorcycle maker Harley Davidson is out with a new bike, but with a twist.

Harley juts unveiled a fully electric motorcycle, leading some to wonder if an gas-free electric bike will still have the same edge Harleys are famous for.

We’re talking about an electric hog. It’s called “Project Live Wire” and it’s not for sale quite yet, but will be available to test drive next week.

It’s not just the first electric bike for Harley; it’s one of the first electric motorcycles that’s out there. Right now, most of the two-wheeled electric vehicles on the market are scooters or other low powered vehicles popular overseas.

But one analyst says Harley may be able to create an appetite for this kind of bike. Harley has always been a staple with baby boomers but for the past few years has been trying to attract younger riders. And the stock has responded well; up about 33% in the past year.

As all fans of Harleys know, the sound is the most important part. So take a listen: not quite the same rumble as a traditional Harley – but not a silent electric engine either.

If you do manage to test drive the bike this summer, the company says it will incorporate consumer feedback about the bike into the final version.

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