Hampden resident almost falls victim to a phone scheme

Call police immediately if this happens to you

HAMPDEN, Mass. (WWLP) – Jim Williams of Hampden received a call from a woman who said she was from the IRS. She told Jim he owed $6,675 dollars, and it had to be paid cash or he’d be arrested.

Jim, even knowing he had paid his taxes, got caught off guard; “I must be more gullible than I thought. I said well I’ll pay you right now. If you want I can write you a check right now send it out. No we don’t accept checks.”

The woman told Jim to bring cash to a Home Depot, and to call her when he got there. Jim called his wife Sue in a frenzy while she was at work.

Sue told 22News, “I was trying to deal with a customer’s problem and I listened to him really, really panicked. I’ve never heard him like that in the 40 years we’ve been married.”

Jim called Hampden Police who told him it was a scheme. It’s important to keep in mind the IRS will never call you or ask for cash. Call police immediately if this happens to you.

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