Bus driver caught in sex act on bus

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The City of Albuquerque is doing damage control after a bus driver’s bad deed was caught on camera.

The video shows a veteran ABQ Ride driver who got way too comfortable on the job. He was caught right in the middle of a sex act with a passenger.

The driver involved spent more than a decade driving buses for ABQ Ride with not a single issue on his record. Now he’s out of a job for what he did that he didn’t think others would see.

To most passengers, bus driver Alex Gonzales was like any other Albuquerque city bus driver.

But when the doors closed and Gonzales’ bus was empty at the station near Tramway and Montgomery in early May, he walked to the back of the bus and sat with a woman.

“You know what time it is!” said Gonzales.

That’s when things got a little too private for a public bus.

“It was an egregious violation of the rules,” said Rick De Reyes, a spokesman for ABQ Ride.

The video, which was taken from Gonzales’ city bus surveillance system is something DeReyes says the agency never wanted to see.

“The video shows him in a sex act with a person who apparently he did not collect a fare on was riding with him and it was there in full view of all of the cameras,” said DeReyes.

The driver, Gonzales, got oral sex from a woman he had picked up earlier on his route. It was an act that lasted several minutes, plenty of time for other people to see it.

When the duo finished, Gonzales went back to work and made a remark as he went to sit down in the driver’s seat.

“Man! If I could sell that I could make a million dollars!” said Gonzales.

He thought he was in the clear, but another person waiting for the stop saw the whole thing happen. He ended up filing a complaint with ABQ Ride which then began investigating shortly after.

“The driver was fired on Friday June 13th,” said DeReyes.

Gonzales worked for ABQ Ride for 14 years without a single mark on his record.

“The majority of our drivers we believe are very ethical people, we have reason to believe that this is obviously, a very, very isolated sort of incident,” said DeReyes.

With the act now getting national attention, DeReyes says it’s not good news, but ABQ Ride isn’t worried about what this says about their agency.

“For us to be tracking anything like that, it’s out of our hands,” said DeReyes. “All we can do is when we’re presented with a situation to begin the investigation as soon as possible.”

ABQ Ride says it already does spot checks on driver surveillance video to make sure they’re following the rules. They say they’re not looking to change any policies either because of this incident.

ABQ Ride says Gonzales wasn’t driving a bus for about the last month he was working while the agency investigated. So far. they say he hasn’t appealed his firing.

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