Beware of leaving your kids unattended in a car

9 kids have died from being left unattended in a car

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A Georgia father is facing murder charges after his son died from being left in a hot car. 22News was working for you with important information to keep your kids safe in the heat.

At least nine children have died this year from being left in hot cars, two toddlers just this week. In a case out of Georgia, a father accidentally left his son in the car all day.

“Oh I would absolutely never leave them in the car, not even my dog,” said Michele Ouimet of Westfield. “You hear all these horror stories about animals, and being left in the car, so that would not even cross my mind, not even for five minutes. It gets way too hot way to quick.”

It doesn’t take all day for your car to heat up to deadly temperatures. A car’s windows essentially act like a greenhouse, they trap sunlight and heat which can make it extremely dangerous for your children that might be inside. The heat builds up pretty fast.

“Instantly. We’ll go inside for maybe 5 minutes and come out and the car is already so hot,” said Jack Jonah of West Springfield.

To put the heat in perspective, when its 80 degrees outside, in ten minutes the car can heat up to 99 degrees, and after a half hour, the car can get up to 114 degrees. A Doctor told 22News the high temperatures take a toll on your body, quickly.

“You to start to sweat, but in an environment that is that hot, you can’t keep up,” said Dr. Joseph Schmidt of Baystate Medical Center.

That can eventually lead to hypothermia or heat stroke. Doctors say children under the age of four are the most susceptible to hypothermia.  Never leave kids in a car.

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