Social media used to catch shoplifter

FARGO, N.D. (CNN) – “O’Day Cache” and “Proper and Prim” are next-door stores downtown sharing some of their space and shoplifters.

Saturday a shoplifter stole $200 in merchandise from the stores including a $50 red dress.

“Next thing you know the dress is not there and we didn’t notice it right away until a customer came in looking for that dress,” said Danielle Nordsletten.

Employee Danielle Nordsletten checked the security cameras and sure enough, the shoplifter was caught red handed putting the dress in her purse and ditching the hanger behind a piece of furniture in “O’Day Cache.”

“Proper and Prim” says they have five security cameras in this store alone and 13 between this store and “O’Day Cache” next door.

So the owner took some still frames and posted them on facebook.

“Social media is getting so big these days and people post everything. That’s how we caught the last girl,” said Cindy O’Day.

This time the stores didn’t have to catch her she turned herself in while we were shooting this story.

A lady walked in she looked very familiar just like the shoplifter. Sure enough, she pulled a bag out of her purse and it was everything she had stolen from “O’Day Cache” and “Proper and Prim.”

Police arrived interviewing Nordsletten and the “O’Day Cache” owner as well as taking the shoplifter with them.

If I can get it brought back quickly this will all go away and my picture will be taken down, the video or whatever. I think that’s an urgency to get it back.

The owners say even though the stores are connected, they’re separate stores so the shoplifter will be facing two separate charges.

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