Action in Iraq

(NBC News) President Obama sits down with Congressional leaders Wednesday before announcing whether he’ll authorize airstrikes against Sunni militants in Iraq.

Iraq’s senior Shi’ite and Sunni leaders are calling for unity, but that hasn’t stopped the Jihadists closing in on their capital.

Top Democrats and Republicans are coming to the White House today to hear how President Obama plans to deal with Sunni militants trying to take over Iraq. “The President must quickly provide us with a strategy and a plan that addresses the threat posed by the insurgency,” said Senate Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

“The challenge is what is in our interest, what are the consequences to us,” says Senator Bob Menendez, (D) New Jersey.

As of today, the militant group ISIS is believed to control six cities Iraq – and they’re fighting for six more.

Before authorizing airstrikes, President Obama is pressing Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki to make his government more inclusive.

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