Vacant Springfield houses sold at auction

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 25 homes that were foreclosed in Springfield have been sold at an auction held Tuesday night. The auction is helping some people get back on their feet.

Nadia Ciubotaru of Springfield told 22News, “We are a young family. It’s me my husband and we have a little son. So we really wanted to find a house we can fix up that we can live in.”

Eight residential homes and one commercial lot sold at the auction Tuesday at the Good Life Center.

The City is essentially losing money because no one is paying property tax on these vacant or abandoned properties. That’s why residents are able to get a lot of the homes for a pretty good price.

A lot of auction-goers 22News spoke with say when you are looking to purchase a home that’s been foreclosed on it can take a lot of work. You always want to come down to the house and check it out before you make the purchase.

Charlie Knight of Springfield has been to dozens of these municipal auctions, and he spends a lot of time doing important prep work. “See what the neighborhood is like on certain nights and see if it’s a neighborhood you would like to be in. Then go there, take a look at the house.”

Knight says auctions are an opportunity for hopeful homeowners looking to get back on their feet, and it’s also an opportunity for local businesses.

Anthony Diaz of Auto Kings said, “We got a great property on State Street; we also got a residential property, and we got something last time we were here. It really helps us a lot; it really gives us a chance.”

A chance that auction goers say helps people make the move from being renters to owners of an affordable place they can call home.

One property in the auction was special to a group of people in Springfield. One year ago, the house at 162 Tyler Street was in shambles, but now it’s been completely restored by students at Putnam Vocational Technical Academy.

It’s a part of a City program that gives students hands-on skilled labor experience. Unfortunately the renovated home failed to sell at auction because no one met the minimum bid of $50,000.

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