Learn how to tie dye!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – It’s more than just an inexpensive, fun activity! Tie dye a great way for kids to show their creativity and for mom and dad to easily spot their little ones on the playground! Stacia Caplanson is the Owner of Rainbow Kids Tie Dye and she joined us to show you how it’s done!

First: I fold the 100% cotton clothing and use rubber bands to hold it in place-how I fold it and how I apply the dye creates the pattern

Second: I soak the folded clothing in a bucket in which the soda ash(sodium carbonate) is dissolved in water-the item needs to be saturated (about 10 minutes to soak)

Third: I wring out the clothing and put it on the dyeing rack. The powdered dye will already be dissolved in water and put in squeeze bottles so I can easily apply the dye to specific sections of the fabric. Both sides of the clothing need to be dyed.

Fourth: The clothing goes into a ziplock bag to age for 24 hours to allow the color to develop and bond to the cotton fibers.

After the 24 hour period, the clothing is washed 3 times-once in cold and twice in hot, using a special textile detergent to lift out and remove the excess dye that has not bonded with the cloth.The fiber reactive dyes, when used with the soda ash fixative, work on cotton fabric and create a vibrant long lasting color.

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