How to properly store produce, cheeses and meats in the refrigerator!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Properly storing your fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy in your refrigerator can extend the life of your food! Personal Chef Bill Collins, from, showed us how!

Fresh Foods/Produce
This applies to lettuces, kale, all kinds of greens: put them in a large bowl, or stock pot, or very clean kitchen sink, and fill with water. Let it sit for a few minutes. Carefully scoop out from the water and dry, either on a towel, or with a salad spinner.
Don’t pour out greens into a strainer. Dirt sinks, and you’ll just be pouring the dirt back over the greens.
Most fresh produce will last a week or so in your fridge, and does best in the refrigerator. There are all kinds of websites that can answer a question about how long a specific food will last.
Store greens in a loose plastic bak in the fridge, if unwashed.
If you wash your greens, you can separate them from their stalk/core, but don’t slice. But you can store them in an bag or container. Why wash first? So you’ll be more likely to use them.
I use a lot of lemon zest. Zested lemons don’t last as long in the fridge. Make lemonade!

Fresh Meats and Cheeses/Rrefrigerator
If they’re wrapped in deli paper, re-wrap them is plastic, or put into a glass container
Fish will keep for a day or two, Maybe three
Chicken will keep for 3-4 days.
Beef will keep for 4-5 days
Your timing in the fridge may vary, depending on the actual freshness of the meat/poultry/seafood

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