Fowl Fight: Backyard hens evicted

(WEYI) Guinevere is one of eight hens that live in a coop on Flint, Michigan’s east side.

Now city officials say she’s got to fly the coop, citing a 1968 ordinance.

Her owner says it’s outdated and now she’s pushing back.

“If I don’t comply, then they will forcefully remove the chickens,” says Roxanne Adair.

Adair is standing by her hens.

“There’s Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the Araucanas that are over there,” says Adair pointing out the chickens in her coop.

She’s been raising the chickens for three years.

“They’re kind of like family now, I don’t want to just take them to the processor and have them killed,” says Adair.

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