Always make sure you check for ticks

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The ticks are out there, and if you walk through any tall grass, you need to check for these tiny creatures that can make you very sick.

A panel of experts and former Lyme disease patients discussed Lyme disease and tick prevention at the JFK Middle School in Northampton Tuesday night.

Not all ticks carry Lyme disease, but if one attaches to you, you need to take it off and have it tested. And if you develop symptoms, don’t waste any time getting to a doctor.

According to Stewart Clark of Northampton, who had Lyme disease twice, “I couldn’t move; My joints were swollen. Just incredible muscle pain. Finally I had a fever of 105 for a week.”

Clark recommends seeing a doctor immediately if you ever have a tick bite. Always check yourself and your pets for ticks after walking through grass or bushes.

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