Pet Corner: Zeke

Name: Zeke
Breed: Boston Terrier, Purebred
Age: 1 years old
Sex: Neutered male
Color: Black
Date of surrender: 5/2/14


  • High energy (being 1 year old), likes to fetch, hike, swim, jog and play keep away
  • Also enjoys a good snuggle after being active
  • Needs to curb impulse control
  • Good candidate for dog training classes (which Dakin adoption provides discount for)


Zeke is an example of an animal that benefited from Dakin’s fostering program. Fostering is when a Dakin animal becomes unavailable for adoption because they need special attention in a home setting for several reasons; they may be too stressed around the other animals, they may have an illness or injury and require special needs to heal up (like Zeke did), or they may be too young to go home (ex: stray newborn kittens)

  • Of Dakin’s 1,000+ volunteers, more than 200 of them are fostering animals
  • They take care of all ages… from bottle-fed babies to senior pets
  • Fostering is a way to directly save lives of animals
  • More than 1,500 animals at Dakin go into foster care each year
  • Fostering frees up space on the adoption floor and allows the animal to heal (if they are ill), relax (if they have been stressed) or reach an age to be eligible for adoption

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