Massachusetts House approves sales tax holiday

BOSTON (WWLP) – The annual sales tax holiday helps shoppers, but some say the state loses millions every year. 22News details the possibility of you saving six and a quarter percent for two days this summer.

The Massachusetts House approved the sales tax holiday weekend this year, now it’s the Senate’s turn to decide. The sales tax holiday is great for parents gearing up for the school year ahead, but some would argue that it’s not so great for the state.

Last year, Massachusetts lost $24.6 million dollars in revenue as a result of the tax-free weekend, but that depends on how you look at taxpayer money. House-members approved the holiday for the weekend of August 16th and 17th, but a Republican-backed effort to make the annual tax-free holiday permanent was rejected.

Senator Bruce Tarr, of Gloucester told 22News,”People are smarter than that. They know when this happens, they know it happens every year, and so I don’t know why we continue to waste legislative time every year debating this and reauthorizing it.”

An effort by Republicans to create a meals-tax holiday in July also failed. Senator Tarr is confident the Senate will approve the sales tax holiday just as they do almost every year.

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