Deadline for petition campaigns to qualify for November ballot

BOSTON (WWLP) – Petitioners hoping to seal their spot on the November ballot are racing against the clock to submit tens of thousands of signatures to city and town clerks by Wednesday’s deadline.

“We have to call the city and town halls, make sure they’re open, deliver them, find out how long it will take to certify them,” explained Janet Domenitz of MassPIRG.

Clerks then have until the end of the month to certify each and every signature. It is a long, time-consuming task, but after a decade of lobbying the state Legislature, supporters of updating the state’s Bottle Bill could finally see their cause pass into law.

“Everybody already knows the Bottle Bill, I mean, everyone knows about the nickel deposit. Boy scouts troops doing bottle drives, so we got more than three-quarters of the public with us and we think this is going to happen,” said Ken Pruitt of the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

Supporters want to expand the 30 year-old Bottle Bill to cover water, juice and sports drink containers. After the signatures are certified, campaign volunteers have just two days to re-gather and deliver those signatures to the Secretary of State’s office for even more verification.

There are 351 cities and towns across Massachusetts, making it a very tedious task to deliver and pick up these signatures, but Bottle Bill supporters say it is well worth it.

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