Common and bizarre workplace distractions

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Most Americans would agree: we’re an overworked society. However, there’s a line between taking a short break to check your phone and letting it be a distraction at work.

“Probably social media stuff like Facebook and Twitter. All that stuff, just checking your phone constantly,” said Nate Powers of Chicopee, when asked what he found were the biggest workplace distractions.

A CareerBuilder study found the top three distractions are texting, gossip, and the Internet.

Smoke breaks and snack breaks also made the list.

“I find that they’re doing Internet shopping, some people seem to bring a mirror and fix their hair, there are others who just eat all day,” Sonia Gonzalez of Holyoke told 22News.

While surfing the web and using cellphone can be controlled, some employers say they’ve encountered, like taking a “selfie” in the bathroom mirror, are more difficult to monitor.

Other unique distractions on the list included warming bare feet with a blow dryer in the bathroom, caring for a pet bird and changing clothes in the cubicle.

Sales Manager David Moores works from home. We were actually distracting him as he headed into a coffee shop to work. “I have three kids so I’m busy so I need to get it done during the day, but it’s not easy, because phone calls and people calling me to distract me,” Moores said.

Futureworks Career Center in Springfield advises job-seekers against these common distractions.

“In this kind of a market and this kind of economy, you want to put your best foot forward all the time. It’s hard enough to find an opportunity, so when you find an opportunity, you want to hold onto it,” said FutureWorks Executive Director Rexene Picard.

However, in this age of technology, it can be very tempting to constantly want to check our phones.

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