Bears on campus

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) Recent sightings of a black bear and her two cubs roaming the area between the University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University campuses have UAA police asking students and faculty members to give the bears more space.

Anchorage residents like Care Burpee say the bears, which were still out and about Thursday afternoon, are hard to resist.

“I think the two cubs are the smallest they have ever seen,” Burpee said. “Those are really tiny little cubs, they’re so cute.”

Carrie Saurerbry, a lifeguard at Goose Lake, says the bears even walked near the lake’s beach.

“They actually came out onto the beach right over there, so we got on a loudspeaker and started yelling, telling everyone to get off the beach,” Saurerbry said. “The mom started walking away and one of the cubs ran up a tree.”

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