Dads explain why less is spent on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – They say the love for a father is different, but equal, to the love for a mother. However, the average American spends much more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. 22News spoke with dads and their kids in Northampton to find out why that is.

“The ideal Father’s Day is just spending it with the people I love and that’s what I’m doing,” said Alan Seewald, who was with his daughter and wife enjoying breakfast at Jake’s in downtown Northampton.

They weren’t alone, which surprised waitresses. On Mother’s Day, brunch is popular, but Heather Cairl, manager at Paul and Elizabeth’s, said it’s not typically on Father’s Day.

“It could be due to the weather, it could be due to the fact that Dads want to be barbecuing, we’re hoping to get some Dads in here though today,” Cairl told 22News.

Father’s Day is actually one of the smallest commercialized holidays. On average, economists say consumers spend seven billion dollars less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day. An annual Retail Me Not survey found, still, the average American spends 113 dollars on Dad.

While electronics and gift cards were popular items this year, more than 60 percent of Americans surveyed said a simple greeting card was a gift enough to show Dad they cared.

“I got him a gift because that’s sort of standard I guess, but you know, just going out once in a while is always good for Father’s Day. That’s sort of what it’s about,” Satchel Harp-Monseau of South Hadley, told 22News.

“Last year, I don’t even remember Father’s Day just because she was so young and in the thick of it, so this is like my real first Father’s Day…We have our family here so that’s all we need,” Gerald Kwon said, while he was holding his one-year-old daughter.

Perhaps the greatest gift for all fathers in Western Massachusetts, though, was a beautiful day to spend it outdoors doing what they loved with the people they loved.

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