U.S. looking for options in Iraq involvement

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – President Obama has said there would be no troops on the ground in Iraq, but with fighting continuing Saturday night, 22News wanted to ask people if they’re worried about more American lives being put at risk.

The Pentagon has moved a U.S. aircraft carrier to the Arabian Gulf to offer more options to assist the overwhelmed Iraqi government.

The Sunni militant group known as Isis seized many cities in Iraq. Now, hundreds of men are looking to join the Iraqi army. There’s the potential for an all-out civil war.

22News asked people if they’re fearful of the U.S. getting involved.

“We went in there, cleaned it up a little. Came back here and now it’s starting all over again. So what do we have to do, go back there and lose more lives? No. Disagree,” said John Lomma.

President Obama was in California on Saturday, but was staying in close contact with his National Security team.

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